Sunday, November 7, 2010


Dreams withers in element's fury
Desires sinks in man-created floods
Dawn of life sets in the horizon of fears
Dusk of time sleeps in the valley of oblivion.

Reality calls the naked truths
Realm of joy bids farewell
Ruling group spits on the lives of poor
Rejoicing souls vanishes into hell.

Eternity lies far away
Emotions outweigh thoughts and deeds
Enmity pervades the venom
Exaltation exists in emptied minds.

Anxiety catches hearts like claws
Always tears and scatters minds.
Anchor goes and fades far away
Animals shape refined forms of mankind.

Mishaps rain over the universe
Melody pours over the deafened souls
Melancholy reign the moulded minds
Models peel the essence of life.

Sincerity loses smile and joins with artificiality
Sacred thoughts wear the suit of vulgarity and baseness
Souls shed dark rays of heartlessness
Solitude whimpers due to the cruelties of the world.


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