Saturday, June 9, 2012


My birds migrated to fairy lands
With feathers of friendship
And hearts with love.

My moon fades away
With coldness of solace.

My sun is yet to be risen
With hopes and aspirations.

My land cracked....
My feet lost its mooring.

Yet I fill my soul and body
Yet I fill my psyche and spirit

With the balm of Nature
With the love of Dreams
With the blood of Heart.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rhythm of Teachers

Let's climb to the peak of excellence
And perform with boldness and confidence
Let's respond to India's urgent call
And be a Goldmine of Health Tradition.

Let's mount to the heights of glory
And share the dreams of a dare girl.
Let's see a white Irish Rose
And see the renowned  nose of our Sultan

Let's soar like a bird through the wings of fancy
And imprint our culture in a golden frame
Let's see Harihar and Apu and Sarbajaya
Lost in the death of of dearest Durga

Let's make a rhythm to teacher's life
Participating, co-operating, collaborating
Let's take the coursebook and make the learner
To enrich the language and sharpens his skills....

Let's sharpens his skills....
Let's sharpens his skills....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Presentation

I miss you deeply in my sorrows Venus Xavier
Let not enter into the realm of this darkness
B'cause you are divine and pious
A cinder can't embrace you.

Love laden valleys are filled with violets
Yellow flowers are peeping with its burning edges
Beware! your blessed life will be dimmed  by them
Go away from the valley to the evergreen land

My good old friend, go on with your promise
To make the land wonderful and wealthy
Go on,with your duty to make the world
A promised land to lighten with rays of hope

        A precious gem in the waste
        A love laden soul in the oasis......

The Soul of Job

Job kills joy, but
Fills solace,
Time leaps and
Tears comfort.....

Job chokes humble happiness, but
Chats silently to the aching soul
Time is rolling eternally and
Treats falsely the feverish souls

But my job is my own
I will never let it go
I will never let it desert me
I will be the soul of job.