Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rhythm of Teachers

Let's climb to the peak of excellence
And perform with boldness and confidence
Let's respond to India's urgent call
And be a Goldmine of Health Tradition.

Let's mount to the heights of glory
And share the dreams of a dare girl.
Let's see a white Irish Rose
And see the renowned  nose of our Sultan

Let's soar like a bird through the wings of fancy
And imprint our culture in a golden frame
Let's see Harihar and Apu and Sarbajaya
Lost in the death of of dearest Durga

Let's make a rhythm to teacher's life
Participating, co-operating, collaborating
Let's take the coursebook and make the learner
To enrich the language and sharpens his skills....

Let's sharpens his skills....
Let's sharpens his skills....

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